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lannaannal exhibition

2022 - 2023


The Meeting Room Art Gallery, Chiang Mai, THAILAND

A song echoes in the deep mountain through the ages

A faded photo, fervent faith

A penned petition, ink unshaded

Those connected by an ancient calling across time


LANNAANNAL revisits a page in history of Lanna Kingdom. Sudaporn Teja has found a photo of Oon Teja or Luang Maneewan (1869-1943) chanting in the local Hong-Khwan ritual and her great-great-grandfather’s vocals from a vinyl record. Family vestiges have brought her to further explore incidents in his time and reconnects the relationship between local belief in guardian angels and local government structure in Lanna Kingdom and Siam State. Sudaporn Teja has borrowed historical vestiges to amalgam with new objects in the present day to deliberate physical and metaphysical entities. LANNAANNAL exhibition features abstract paintings, video, photograph, and installation to demonstrate the essence of object, action to object, and the relationship between the state of object and time.


The Meeting Room Art Gallery is pleased to present LANNAANNAL Solo Exhibition by Sudaporn Teja. The opening reception will be held on Saturday 3rd December 2022 from 18:00 onwards and will showcase until January 3, 2023.

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