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fleur exhibition


FLEUR: Blooming of Diversity

Alliance Française Bangkok, THAILAND


Loves Get Better with Time Quietly

Serindia Gallery at O.P. Garden, Bangkok, THAILAND

Loves Get Better with Time Quietly is an exploration into modern-day gender fluidity and the issues of LGBTQ inclusion in society in Thailand. Sudaporn Teja, in her fourth solo show at Serindia Gallery, interpreted various aspects of her recent experience with the local LGBTQ community. In these new paintings, she infused other media, from liquid hormones to other symbolic objects and languages, resulting in conceptually-charged pieces. She also shot some photographs and documentary, conducting interviews with various personalities in the LGBTQ community. A set of works from this show is also part of Museum Siam's present exhibition Gender Illumination, which is on from 17 May to 30 September 2018.


A more personal note, it was the loss of Sudaporn's best friend James, whose death saddened and inspired her. James's untimely death reconnected Sudaporn with other 'loves' and gender boundaries. Loves Get Better with Time Quietly is a remembrance to James as well as a dedication to the love and friendship with the LGBTQ community — an artistic expression of her humanity.

FLEUR: Blooming of Diversity is a follow-up of Sudaporn Teja's groundbreaking conceptual show LGBTQ at Serindia Gallery, in which she exhibited mixed-media works whose inspirations came from stories of the LGBTQ community – her lost friends and their lives. In FLEUR, she celebrates the beauties of gender diversity and individuality – every human deserves to be treated equally regardless of their birth gender. Sudaporn interprets these human and social dimensions in this latest series of works in FLEUR, at Alliance Française Bangkok, from 15 May to 6 June, presented in association with Serindia Gallery. Sudaporn Teja’s works will also be included in the major LGBTQ show Spectrosynthesis II - Exposure of Tolerance: LGBTQ in Southeast Asia at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center in November 2019.


FLEUR : Blooming of Diversity fait suite à l'exposition LGBTQ de Sudaporn Teja à la galerie Serindia, lors de laquelle étaient présentées des œuvres inspirées d’histoires de la communauté LGBTQ - ses amis disparus et leurs vies. Dans FLEUR, elle célèbre la beauté de la diversité des genres et des individualités - chaque être humain mérite d'être traité sur un pied d'égalité, quel que soit son sexe biologique. Sudaporn interprète ces dimensions humaines et sociales dans cette dernière série d'œuvres FLEUR, à l'Alliance Française de Bangkok, du 15 mai au 6 juin, présentée en association avec la galerie Serindia. Les travaux de Sudaporn Teja feront également partie de la grande exposition LGBTQ Spectrosynthesis II - Exposure of Tolerance : LGBTQ en Asie du Sud-Est au Bangkok Art and Culture Center en novembre 2019.

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